Corporate Logo

Brief: Create a visual identity for a startup client.
Project goals: Create a logo around a company developing a new camera and platform that allows a user to scan a room and render full, 3-D models in real-time. Renderings can be viewed and shared on iPad and the web. 
Solution: The negative space of the lines anchor the image, solving any optical illusion issues while keeping the information inside the cube visible with semi-transparent walls. The shape is a perfect balance between 3-D and 2-D. In the 2-D world, it's a hexagon comprised of a series of bisected triangles grouped by color, and converging on one point. In the 3-D world, it's a cube with a camera scan of the room represented as a triangle in the middle.


How did I get here?

The Process: A cube seemed like the best place to start since most rooms are linear but the shapes optical illusion makes it invert after only several seconds of starring. To help stabilize it, I experimented with different opacities, color anchors, blocks, and edges; nothing quite worked. For more depth, I added a pyramid to represent the act of scanning a room with a camera. This addition helps make the inert cube more active visually and conceptually. I also started to deconstruct what it meant to be 3 dimensional when you are working on a 2 dimensional plane. I realized that the outline of this cube was a perfect with hexagon.