Corporate Identity System

Brief: Create a visual identity for a client who owns a marketing consulting business.
Project goals: Embody individual personality while simultaneously instilling a greater corporate identity.
Solution: A visual language inspired by the client's love of sailing. Signal flags are unified under a single color chosen to represent the brand. Hard angles imply a sense of seriousness while hue and variety portray a sense of creativity.
Logo: taken directly from this new visual alphabet. The Roman letterform "M" for the company's name is placed in the negative space of it's maritime counterpart. The result is something entirely new and striking, yet meaningful.



Color: A light and fresh palette with a very delicate balance. The use of white type against the orange shapes becomes optically florescent when a 10% grey background is applied. The orange adds speed and while the blue only appears in the logo reinforcing it's unique position within the color scheme.