Roo Kee Roo

Roo Kee Roo is a company I started with my brother in 2011. By exploring colors, objects, and images from our childhood in Michigan, we put together several distinct design collections and objects for sale. 

The name comes from a beast that lurked in the shadows of the forest. Our father warned us about the Roo Kee Roo around the campfire; a legend the French brought to Michigan first known as ‘le Loup des Loups’ or ‘Wolf of Wolves.’ He’d tell us “After sunset he’ll come to eat you! But if you stick together you can defeat the Roo Kee Roo.”

Above is our logo. There are two "R" letterforms facing one another which represent each brother. The "K" at -90° in the middle  symbolizes our collaboration.


The Workbench Collection

The Workbench Collection is a colorful series of iconized objects inspired by what we found as kids in our dad's garage. Our father's workbench was full of weathered, useful tools but to us they were much more. To us, they were treasures and artifacts from an honest way of life. That life was forged from the land with real tools held in one's hand. 

See the Workbench Collection


The Boathouse Collection

The Boathouse Collection is a series based on state boat decals and licenses. There are 51 in total, one for every state and Washington D.C. This found design language exposed a beautiful if wonky system based on function and readability. We enhanced this system by developing a cohesive color map and standardized typefaces. The result is a wide range of individual designs that can be grouped and collected interchangeably. The graphic nature of these designs made the collection perfect for apparel in addition to printed material.

See prints from the Boathouse Collection.